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Terms and Conditions

By using , you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Please, read carefully and if you disagree with them you should not continue to use or access the site.


We are an advertising service only. This site may be used by members to advertise rental properties and promote services to potential clients and site users, to locate and contact their agents and to make legitimate inquiries for personal use. Any other use is prohibited.

My Tenerife Holidays is merely acting as a database of information and facilitates the exchange of such information and provides no warranty as to the accuracy of information provided by landlords, property agents, or associates. My Tenerife Holidays site is provided and maintained with the intention of meeting the required specifications, but can not guarantee the operation speed of this site or that it will remain uninterrupted or error free, or that errors will be fixed. We will take reasonable precautions to ensure that no viruses or other harmful components get on the site or server. We reserve the right to modify and update functions at any time. We cannot guarantee an uninterrupted access to the site, and lay aside the right to suspend or discontinue parts of the site or the whole site, at any time.

My Tenerife Holidays is not part of the contract that is arranged between advertisers and renters. Any tenant or user contract with companies or advertisers, does not involve My Tenerife Holidays, and if you have a dispute with another user, either because of an operation or content of your ad, you agree to stand for all responsibility of any claims and expenses arising in that conflict.

We recommend checking the authenticity of the information provided.

My Tenerife Holidays is not responsible for the loss of information, photographs, customers, errors in the text or misleading information, or the property or service not being available.

In no event shall be My Tenerife Holidays punished by the advertiser for any consequential damage, incidental or indirect to incur the loss of benefits regardless of their cause.

My Tenerife Holidays is not involved in any rental transaction. All parties involved in rental transactions should be eligible to form a binding legal agreement. We are not responsible for the ability or failure of advertisers or users to comply with a contract and we are not responsible for the loss or damage occurring as a result.

Illegal use or any other activity that may be deemed to adversely affect the site performance or function, computer systems, networks, users and advertisers is strictly prohibited. We will not incur damages or costs relating to any violation of these terms and conditions, and we reserve the right to take legal action against any party involved in (but not limited to) the following activities, and you should not:

  • Copy, reproduce or transmit the contents of the site, in part or in its entirety, or modify the contents of the site to create secondary works or using any process to monitor or copy the site database.
  • Try to access the web servers and other web pages, by other means but the normal use of the site.
  • Malicious use of the site, uploading viruses or any other computer process with the intention of endangering the normal functioning of the site.
  • Use any processing technique, on the border or the mirror site to display or reproduce any part or portion of our website in any other website.
  • Modify the contents of this site for translation into other languages (including computer code).
  • Reverse engineer any part of this site.
  • Sell, attempt to sell or license any part of this site.
  • Show or transmit any material that is illegal or defamatory or maybe deemed inappropriate or offensive elsewhere.
  • Make false, fraudulent or misleading research, declarations or reservations.
  • Send unsolicited emails to advertisers, the site or any email address attached to it.
  • Engage in any activity that violates our, our users or third-party copyright.
  • Post any material that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions

The Site

The site and its contents are protected by copyright and database.

Any reproduction of these trademarks is strictly prohibited without the express written permission.

  • All pictures (except details of the property advertiser) are authorized for My Tenerife Holidays. To copy and download these images for commercial or personal use is strictly prohibited.
  • You may download, view and print hard copies of details of a property of the advertiser and the site information, including lists of tourists for personal, non commercial use.
  • All other forms of copying are prohibited, including the design of the site and copying of the code for purposes which are considered detrimental to My Tenerife Holidays. When the unauthorized copy is evident, we reserve the right to take immediate legal action against that person or on the website.


Owners Classifieds
  • Advertisers should ensure they have the copyright for all material posted on this site, or have been authorized by the owner to use it.
  • My Tenerife Holidays is not responsible for any costs, loss or liability incurred by copyright infringement by advertisers.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions and publishing an advert on the site, you automatically grant us license to publish all materials, in whole or in part. This includes text and pictures to show your ad on the site and so it can be used by us for promotion and online or offline advertising. We can not be held responsible for copyright infringement and legal costs incurred due to the use of this material.

Responsibility and Liability

The user of the web
  • It is your responsibility to verify any information you may obtain from this website before acting on it.
  • It is your responsibility to make satisfactory checks on the identity of a person or company before entering into any contract with him/her.
  • Electronic transmission can not be guaranteed to be secure or error-free.
  • It is advisable not to make cash transactions of any kind.

Advertisers Responsibility and Liability

You must own, be an agent of the owner or otherwise have permission to advertise property with us. It is your responsibility to ensure the suitability, legality and safety of advertised property.

You agree that we are providing an advertising and information service only and that we cannot mediate in any disputes. We are not party to any rental transactions and we are not responsible for the quality/safety/legality of properties advertised, nor are we responsible for the ability of members to pay for a property or to rent a property.

You agree to indemnify us from legal action involving, but not restricted to, the following:

a) non payment for holiday lets
b) fraud relating to payments
c) bogus bookings
d) deposit disputes

Your login information should be kept safe and we take no responsibility for its unauthorised use.

We are an English owned and operated site and you agree to write advert descriptions in English. You may add translations to other languages so long as the first description is written in English.

You agree to provide true and accurate descriptions, guest book reviews, images and videos of your property which should not appear misleading in any way and should relate only to your property. You agree not to upload or use any material that may be considered offensive, indecent, obscene or in breach of any other person's intellectual or personal rights.

It is your sole responsibility to keep your property advert and your membership account up to date, including prices, availability and contact details.

It is your responsibility to check the identity of any person making contact with you via the site.

Any personal information you collect whilst using the site is protected under the Data protection act - and should be used with care and for legitimate purposes only. On request you must provide the owner access to any data held, along with the opportunity to remove it.

Advertising of more than one property or any property other than the property first listed is strictly prohibited on single paid listings, without our explicit written permission.

For security reasons you may not use email addresses on any property advert.


We do not allow hypertext links to other real estate websites or services, and we reserve the right to remove links or web addresses of other sites from the pages of advertisers without notice.

My Tenerife Holidays provides advertising links to other companies or third parties as part of this web site, but can not guarantee in any way their goods and services. Contracts with these parties shall not be linked in any way to My Tenerife Holidays.

You may add a link ONLY in the dedicated link section of your account.

a) This link must point to your own personal property website and the linked site must display the same property as you are advertising with us.
b) We do not allow hyperlinks in description fields - these will be removed immediately.
c) We do not allow links to your property on competitors' web-sites and these links will be removed immediately.
d) Links to other websites, products or services are strictly prohibited.
e) We request reciprocal links from advertisers and you agree to make reasonable efforts to add a link to us from your own web-site.

Force Majeure

Failures of our service may be outside of our control, and include but are not restricted to:

Natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods)

Wars, riots or other major upheaval

Performance failures of parties outside the control of the contracting party (e.g. disruptions in services provided by telecommunications providers.

Where interruptions occur due to forces outside of our control we cannot be held liable for loss of income, enquiries or bookings. Under no circumstances will our liability exceed the value of advertising fee received.


My Tenerife Holidays respect all personal information and take all possible measures to ensure that it is stored securely and accurately. Your information will not be provided to third parties for promotional or marketing purposes, unless we are required to do so by law. However, we can ship by mail directly to you, or ask for their comments on our website and services.

If you have comments or questions about our policy please contact us at


In My Tenerife Holidays we reserve the right to remove any part or all of the ad or service if the information is inadequate or if we receive a lot of complaints from users of the site, protesting there is a problem with the property or the area service surrounding is misrepresented in any way. In this case there will be no refund given. If an advertiser wishes to cancel his property at any time this can be done in writing or by email to, and no refunds are given.

Response times

To ensure a high level of service is maintained for users and tourists who wish to use this site, we ask to all advertisers to be able to respond directly to questions raised by email or telephone. If advertisers can not be available due to illness or other, they must establish alternative methods of contacting customers, and this is their responsibility. If we receive complaints that owners are not found, we reserve the right to suspend the service. This property can be reactivated once the owner is reachable.

Payment details and return policy

In the registration of a property or service the last stage is making the payment. This payment will be processed through bank transference. If the advertiser is unable to make the payment this way, you should contact us at to organize an alternative method of payment. A service will only be broadcast live on our reservation system, once payment has been received.

My Tenerife Holidays reserves the right to change and modify prices, offers, promotions, services and conditions without notice. All changes are effective immediately for new listings and renewals from existing customers and new.

If within 10 days of placing your ad you are not satisfied in any way, you are entitled to a refund of 70% of its share of publicity. To identify this refund, you must inform us in writing to the status of your ID and password.


All information on this site is protected by copyright and database rights. Copies of all or part of the content of any part of this website it is not prohibited, unless it is used for personal business with prior written consent from us or the owner of copyright.

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